complete set fill valve side inlet + double flush mechanism drena

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complete set for wc tankdrena, includes: fill valve with side inlet and water saving double flush mechanism with cable. Includes accessories.
EAN 8421964006228
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fill valve with side inlet (see ref.: 00607)
- quality. threaded inlet made by brass 3/8".
- exact regulation. allows exact regulation of water level in cistern.
- with filter that prevents the entry of impurities in the mechanism.
- with diaphragm washer that stabilizes the pressure.
- instructions inside.
3 8 20x20Laton 30x20filtro 20x20CertWATERMARK 20x20CertCE2 20x20CertWRAS 20x20CertUPC 20x20Instr
double flush mechanism (see ref.: 00610)
- water saver: allows a total control of total and partial flush. both volumes are adjustable (partial 1,5-3,0 l. - total 4,2-6,0 l.)
- secure: with extensible overflow that avoid accidentally inundations in case of fill valve fail.
- versatile: the cable transmision allows to place the push button on any placement.
- universal base U1: it adapts to the existing base in its tank, so no need to remove the tank. we suggest to replace the screws and gasket of the tank.
- complete set: it includes chrome push button with mounting ring surface-mounted, cable-actuated mechanism, base U1, fixing screws and tank seal, trim tank top-side hole and wrench.
- instructions inside.
AhorroAgua 45x20BaseU1 45x203-6l 45x20CertWRAS 20x20CertUPC 20x20Instr


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